How Much is Hypnotherapy?

Initial Consultation £70

Our initial meeting together

A fact finding session to enable me to find out what you want to achieve from the therapy. 

I will also give you a detailed explanation of how the mind works in relation to the problem and how the hypnotherapy will work.

I also like to get to work straight away too so we kick things off with some hypnosis work on this very first session. 

Session Time = 60/75 mins 

Please note that a surcharge may be applicable for appointments after 7PM 

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Hypnotherapy Session £70

All future therapy sessions 

All sessions moving forward include some positive psychotherapy and goal setting to personalise and tailor every session to you.

Hypnosis is conducted in the last half of the session to initiate, strengthen and reconfirm changes.

All sessions are based on the principles of neuroscience and solution focused psychotherapy combined with hypnosis. 

Session Time = 50 mins.

Please note that a surcharge may be applicable for appointments after 7PM 

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis £295

The Breath Easy Blue Print

Spread over 2 sessions the package includes psychotherapy and hypnosis for Smoking or Vaping Cessation.

As an award winning hypnotherapist my stop smoking hypnosis sessions are very effective and have a high success rate, but please remember the results are dependant on the clients commitment and the clients desire to quit themselves.

The Stop Smoking Package consisits of 2 Sessions and are usually 1 week apart, and includes a set of hypnosis recordings to listen to before, and after the sessions. 

A 50% Deposit will be taken to confirm the first session and the remainder taken after the first session has been completed. 

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Stress & Anxiety Workshops

Engaging and informative stress and anxiety workshops designed specifically for corporate and local businesses as well as educational settings. This workshop provides participants with valuable insights into stress management and empowers them to harness the power of their minds to effectively navigate stressful situations.