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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Halifax, West Yorkshire

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is modern day brain-based hypnotherapy, combining solution focused psychotherapy, neuroscience research and evidence, supercharged with hypnosis.

By focussing on the solution (as opposed to the problem) provides the client with reassurance that positive outcomes can be achieved.

By using hypnosis to reduce anxiety and allow positive suggestion subconsciously, we help you to find a new way forward in life, giving you everything you need to achieve the goals you want and to stick to them.

Specialising in anxiety, depression, trauma, habits & behavioural issues, phobias, stress, sleep, confidence and all things mindset related. Outcomes are achieved in a very short time frame, compared with other therapies.

Based on the outskirts of Halifax, the clinic serves clients for face-to-face sessions from the surrounding areas of Brighouse, Huddersfield, Bradford and Keighley, as well as online hypnotherapy with clients UK and worldwide.

J Lowson is a fully qualified solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, hypnotherapy supervisor and a senior lecturer for hypnotherapy at York University.

J Lowson is also an Anxiety UK Approved therapist for clinical hypnotherapy.

A Snapshot Of What I Help My Clients With

How Can I Help You?

Hypnosis for Anxiety & Stress

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Stress

Solution focused hypnotherapy reduces anxiety using hypnosis and provides anxiety management.

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Hypnosis for Depression

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Solution focused hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to increase feel good chemicals in the brain .

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Habit Breaking

Hypnotherapy for Bad Habits

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help break those habits, be it substance based or behavioural habits.

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What My Client’s Say


I went along to see John as a bit of a sceptic, I was on a downward slope at that time to say the least . That said I would like everyone to know if they are considering Hypnotherapy and have any doubts about its remarkable power of change then please go ahead and try it for yourself

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John has helped me so much with my anxiety and I genuinely feel like my life has changed for the better! Don’t ever second guess doing this, just do it because I guarantee it will be the best thing you ever do, and that’s coming from someone who was so sceptical about everything.  I’ve finally found the real me

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John has helped me immensely with my self confidence and anxiety issues I have been battling for some time. With the power of hypnotherapy and a lot of support from John I have managed to not only get myself into a much better place I have also has the confidence to come off my anxiety tablets

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I no longer suffer with the extreme anxiety and other problems I had and feel so much happier now all thanks to John. John has achieved in 10 weeks that all my other treatments, tablets etc couldn’t do in 20 years. I’m so glad I connected him and I’m very grateful

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J Lowson Hypnotherapy has helped and guided me to overcome my mental health issues. The kindness and professionalism of John through his work has provided me with the confidence and knowledge to overcome my anxiety

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John has been my saviour, if I hadn’t of met him I genuinely don’t think I would be here writing this review. I am now living with chronic recurrent depressive disorder rather than suffering from it and this change to my life has been possible due to the techniques I’ve learnt through Hypnosis with John

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Got in touch with John because of my longstanding anxiety/stress issues and here I am 8 sessions later feeling recharged and raring to go. John is a great bloke who clearly knows his subject inside. Can’t recommend him enough

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Well, where do I start. Cracking bloke, almost certain he has helped me crack my needle / blood phobia. Highly recommended.
John gets a solid 10 from me, was 100% comfortable from the min I met him all the way through my treatment.

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I couldn’t give John a higher regard for what he can do, and for how he has helped me, he has a very relaxed approach to how he works and gets the information he needs to help you from what can be just a simple conversation. Take that first step…you won’t regret it

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Both me and the Mrs have seen John in the last 12 months. Me to stop a 19 year smoking habit which has worked wonders. Being on e-cigs I was concerned it was more habit than addiction that kept me using it but whatever it was, is now gone

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John is an amazing person, he has helped me through lots of different problems from Anxiety attacks to going for an operation, he helped me over come my fears of this, I was nervous when I arrived at the hospital but remembered what he had said.

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John is worth every penny, he is quite literally a life saver. I get quite emotional when I think of the journey I’ve been on and I am so thankful that I found John. I will be forever grateful.
Thank you John

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After having had a big wobble with panic attacks and also struggling with insomnia I reached out to John and I am so glad I did. Week after week there was a marked improvement with my confidence and by week 4 I was starting to sleep a lot better than I had in months. I can’t thank John enough

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Had 8 remote sessions with John during lockdown and am now feeling fantastic. My problems centred around stress/anxiety but i know John is able to deal with a multitude of other issues, so give him a call you won’t regret it

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I had a series of hypnotherapy relaxation sessions with John to help with my work stress.
After the first one I started sleeping better and continued to improve over the weeks. Would definitely recommend John

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My time with John opened my eyes to this form of therapy and I was also able to self help by trying to adopt new thought patterns in everyday life .I try not to worry about things that would have concerned me before and try new things to build my confidence

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John was very understanding and very calming, I now feel so much more positive about myself, and no longer have the phobia John helped me with, I still listen to his tapes as they help me to relax and de stress me, I would 100% recommend John to help you

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J Lowson Hypnotherapy has helped and guided me to overcome my mental health issues. The kindness and professionalism of John through his work has provided me with the confidence and knowledge to overcome my anxiety. Thank you so so much John

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Yes I certainly would he has helped me in many ways to over come fears.
I had an operation on Thurs and he helped me face my nerves and anxiety of going in to theatre.
He is amazing

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This is the first time I have had hypnotherapy, so I did not know what to expect. I’ve used relaxation apps previously to help me sleep, but this was on another level. John is a down to earth kind of guy that instantly makes you feel at ease

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I decided to look at Hypnotherapy as an alternative method to help with my severe recurrent depression, anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia.
I’ve just had my second session and feel better than I have in 9 years!! John is fantastic
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Thank you for helping and guiding me on this hard but amazing journey, where I have gained the knowledge and confidence to control and overcome my mental health issues. I am so glad that I came to you, you are so lovely, kind and welcoming
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Thank you John for helping my daughter and I through these recent anxious and uncertain times. The weekly sessions and Tuesday night relaxation sessions have helped us both greatly. I would not hesitate to recommend John
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Improve Mental Wellbeing – Change Your Mindset

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a combination of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. The Psychotherapy in itself is extremely beneficial and its effects are enhanced by the application of Hypnosis, which enables the subconscious mind to make beneficial changes.

Many people believe that Hypnotherapy is something that is “done” to them, that they explain their issue to the therapist who then simply hypnotises their problem away, as if by magic.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a much more collaborative process and it is important to understand that change happens because you want it to and because you are prepared to take the necessary steps to allow it to happen.

During Hypnosis, you will be guided into a relaxing but focused state of attention so that beneficial suggestions can be directed towards your subconscious mind. In a therapeutic setting, the suggestions are designed to be beneficial to help you change unhelpful thought patterns.

Contrary to the image portrayed in films, books and the media, Hypnosis does not involve the therapist taking control of your mind – no one can Hypnotise you against your will. Nobody can make you do anything you do not want to – your subconscious mind will simply reject any suggestion that is inappropriate for you.

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J Lowson Hypnotherapy is a solution focused hypnotherapist offering clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Halifax and the surrounding areas of Bradford, Brighouse, Huddersfield and Keighley. J Lowson is a registered member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. John is a not only a clinical hypnotherapist but also a hypnotherapy supervisor, senior lecturer and Anxiety UK approved therapist.

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