Privacy Policy

Data Protection
In order to respect your privacy, you do not need to disclose personal information in order to access this website. You can browse without any restrictions or requirements. If you decide to share personal information, this will be used according to our statement of privacy. This statement applies to all site content, and you receive updates of any changes to company policy on this site.

Data Collection
When you submit an enquiry, personal information will be required in order to contact you. This may include your name, address, email address, and telephone numbers. Additional information may be required in order to provide you with more details and offer you the best treatment for your personal requirements.

Help to Improve

The information that you disclose will help to develop a better service based upon your preferences and requirements. This also helps to improve the treatment techniques available, in order to achieve the most effective results.

Once you have enquired for further information, you will be contacted via the most convenient method for a consultation. We may also send material containing special offers, and further information on treatments. This can also include content for market research purposes.

Third Parties

We will not disclose your information to third parties, unless relevant to your therapy and only then with your written consent.

We cannot be held responsible for the protection of personal information that you have choose to share via external links on the site. Please take care, and check their privacy policy before submitting private information. External links on this site may be included in relation to the services offered.

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Our website will remind you that cookies are used every time you visit the site.

J Lowson hypnotherapy complies with all aspects of the GDPR regulations full details which can be found here