Keep calm with Hypnotherapy.
We’ve all been there. Our child has spilt some milk and we’ve gone off the handle.
On our way to work the car behind beeping and you are just trying to stick to the speed limit.
The result of these situations, you just explode.
You don’t think about what you’re going to say or how you’re going to verbalise it. Often upon reflection you feel ashamed, regretful and sometimes embarrassed.
This is what we call an Amygdala Hijack.
The event in which you’re involved in, has totally bypassed your intellectual brain, where it normally goes to be processed and has short circuited straight to your emotional brain. This in turn releases stress hormones within your body called cortisol and adrenaline.
After the event, you emotionally respond and your intellectual brain processes what happened and how you reacted and helps you come to terms with the fact you may have responded in an irrational or inappropriate way.
Hypnotherapy focuses on keeping your stress levels in control and re-wiring the way your mind deals with certain situations.
Anger is a primitive opt out clause for when our mind is in Fight, Flight or Freeze mode. Designed to protect us from other tribesman or wild animals back in the day when we required our amygdala to press the panic button. However, in modern day life, this response can be inappropriate and disruptive to our life. Sometimes this can spill over and affect the relationship with our loved ones.
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