Weight Management Hypnotherapy

Can you Hypnotise me to lose weight ?

In Short…. YES !

However it is not a quick fix, it’s not hypnotic band, its not a magic wand and it’s certainly not a slimming club.

It is goal orientated, but with long term goals and not short term gains as most other weight loss options seem to offer.

Did you know that if your body lost more than 2lbs of body mass in a week an error message would be sent to the brain and a stress hormone would be released which would cause the body to hang on to fat. That’s why many fad diets (lets face it we have all been on them) may seem to work short term, however once the weight creeps back on, and it’s even harder to get off.

We delve into the neuroscience behind weight and obesity and educate as to how our mind can be wired to over eat or under eat.

Solution focused hypnotherapy works by placing educative suggestion into the conscious and subconscious mind with the intention of changing that person’s habits. When using this for weight loss, we look to change the way you focus on food, portion size and those triggers that cause you to eat irresponsibly.

Hypnotherapy works for weight loss by re training the brain to visualise your ideal future weight and body shape, reduce your anxiety and creating an automatic new relationship with food. Self esteem and confidence allow a more confident weight loss client to exercise more and lead a healthier life style.

Hypnosis for Weight Management

Solution focused hypnotherapy focuses on neuroscience and will educate you as to why your mind is the catalyst in weight loss and weight control. Chemicals in the mind that are produced when we are stressed store react and forces the body to store fat, preparing for that Flight, Fight or Freeze moment.

The chemicals and hormones that allow us to feel full or empty are also controlled through hypnotherapy thus again leading to weight management.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you with Weight loss and Weight management – contact J Lowson Hypnotherapy for a consultation and see how we can help you.